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AP Production Darbhanga

AP Production Music & Entertainment is one of the India’s leading music production companies, composing and producing the highest quality music from his recording studios.

AP Production music stuidio team of in-house composers work together to respond to any brief, and have vast experience producing quality of music.

Emavo Hospital

Hospital provides a wide range of services. Ex:- medical, surgical and other support services including specialty and super-specialty care. Hospital having almost 300 Beds.

It also has 54 Critical Care Beds in the form of CCU, ICU (Surgical), ICU (Medical), CTU, NICU and PICU. All the Beds are equipped with Most Modern Equipment.

Singer Sushma Jha

Sushma Jha (Hindi: सुषमा झा) is a Maithili playback singer whose songs have been featured mainly in Maithili and Hindi. Besides Maithili and Hindi, she has sang in other languages also including Bhojpuri.

Sushma Jha is one of the most talented Maithili singer of Mithila regions.

Emavo Hospital

Adhyayan Smart Institute, a leading institute for Xth, XIIth, IIT-JEE and Pre-Medical coaching classes.

Aspires to prioritize and target the desired vital education essentials to inculcate the necessary attributes (intellectual level, logical & reasoning ability, circumspection, judgement, time management etc.)…